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Our Black History Challenge is an inter-schools knock out competition, through which schools enter teams of pupils to study different aspects of the history of people of African and Caribbean descent living in the United Kingdom.




The objective of this unparalleled programme is to enthuse young people about black history and in particular to plug the evident gap that exists in the current schools’ curriculum as regards the immense contribution that people of African and Caribbean decent have made to the development of British and European societies.

In particular the programme ensures that young people, especially young black children understand and appreciate the great legacy left to them by previous generations, hopefully encouraging them to live lives worthy of that legacy.


The prize is a cup and cash contributions to the schools and participating pupils to develop more Black History resources, the competition is intense and the results (with children of all ethnicities becoming enthused and knowledgeable about the place and importance of Black history) are priceless.


Previous supporters of our BHC have included:


The British Museum, in particular Augustus-Casey Hayford

The City of London Black Police Association and the City of London

Museum of Docklands

Oona King, former MP for Bethnal Green and Bow

Floella Benjamin OBE

Diane Abbott MP Hackney North

Henry Bonsu, broadcast journalist

Paul Boateng (first black cabinet minister)



Schools that wish to participate enter a team of pupils, who are given set texts to study (whether from a book or other resource).


The challenge then follows a straightforward knockout style competition with schools competing against each other, until the field is narrowed down to the quarter-finals, then the semis and then the finals.


Entry is open to all schools based in London and to all pupils of all backgrounds between the ages of 12 – 14 (as at 31st December of the year of the competition).

Previous Winners:


Capital City Academy (Brent), Addey & Stanhope (Lewisham), Northbrook (Lewisham),


Contact: bhc@100bmol.org.uk



 “On behalf of the girls, they feel excited and privileged to be taking part in this competition. They did not think they would make it this far and it has been an excellent experience, and one they will never forget. The school will also benefit as the girls will pass their experience on to the younger students through, for instance, assemblies and when they help prepare the team for next year’s competition” – Mr Christopher Doel


“I feel privileged to have taken part in this competition. The competition has taught me more about black history and from the information given to me I have learnt about black heroes that had made a huge difference to the life we are living now” – David


“I feel very privileged to be part of the competition. Getting to the finals is very exciting and learning about black heroes has advanced my knowledge on my history as well as taught me how important it is to celebrate black history” – Xavier


“100 BMOL BHC allows the student to reach deep within themselves, overcome obstacles and discover who they truly can be” – Paul Wiltshire

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