Kolarele Sonaike


Kolarele is President of the 100 Black Men of London, as well as a mentor and coordinator of the Peer Mentoring Programme.

Desmond Zephyr

Vice President Programmes

Desmond is Vice President of Programmes responsible for the strategic leadership of all our programmes.

Paul Lawrence

Vice President Development

Paul Lawrence is Vice President of Development, responsible for the strategic leadership of our development as an organisation.

Dunston Walker

Vice President Administration

Dunston is Vice President of Administration, responsible for the general administration and communication of the organisation.

Ola Oyalegan

Vice President Finance

Ola Oyalegan is responsible for the overall management and strategic leadership of our finance and fundraising needs.

Bevis Gooden

Bevis is a long serving member and has been coordinator of our North London Me I Can Be Mentoring Programme.

Olu Alake

President Emeritus

Olu is founder member and President Emeritus of the organisation, having served for 5 years as President until 2012.

Mike Squires


Mike is a mentor on our West London Me I Can Be programme and part of our Marketing and Publicity Team.

Reg Enyi


Reg is a key member of our membership committee and will probably be one of the first person you speak to when you express an interest in joining us.

Dunstan Creavalle


Dunstan is our longest serving member, leader of our East London Me I Can Be Mentoring Programme and head of our logistics committee.

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