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Education Through Film


Our Education Through Film (ETF) programme is perhaps our most popular programme in terms of sheer numbers of users. It has attracted thousands of men, women and children over the years.
At various locations throughout London we show films and documentaries focusing on different aspects of black history, culture and icons and on a wide range of topics and issues of pressing concern, particularly to the black community.
Entry is open to all people of all backgrounds and ages with the aim being to educate as many people as possible on topics and issues concerning the black community, through the medium of film and debate.

I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way, things I had no words for. Dany Duchaine

Films shown have focused on:

Malcolm X, The Rosa Parks Story, A History of Sudan, Rabbit Proof Fence, Claudia Jones (Carnival), African Debt = Fraud, How Black People Won WW2, Black People’s Hair, Skin and Beauty, Fela Kuti, Marcus Garvey’s ‘Look For Me in the Whirlwind’, James Baldwin, the infamous Blue Eyed Brown Eyed experiments, Sybil Phoenix Story , Shirley Chisholm Story, Black Power and the Vietnam War, Ghosts of Rwanda, Good Bye Uncle Tom,  Abolition in Brazil, What Black Men Think, Kirikou and the Sorceress, A History of Nigeria, the Floella Benjamin Story.

Venues used include:

Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Brixton Recreation Centre, Capital City Acadamey Harlesden, Cavelle Campus, Westminster University,Duncan House Lecture Theatre, Stratford

Genesis Cinema Mile End, Highgate Wood School, Highgate Keyworth Centre, Southbank University, Metro Cinema Piccadilly Circus, Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre, City University, Paul Robeson Theatre Hounlsow, Rio Cinema Hackney, Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, Stratford Circus, Stratford

Partnership with other institutions including:

Museum in Docklands, Museum of London, Imperial War Museum, National Portrait Gallery, British Film Institute Southbank, National Science Museum

Partnership with other organisations include:

African Well Women Clinic, Barbados High Commission, Black FilmMaker Magazine, Black Nine Films, Charlie Phillips Associates, Congo Resistance Movement, Darkling Productions Descendants African Caribbean Support group, Floella Benjamin Productions, Images of Black Women Film Festival, Inspired Black Women, Jervis Media, Kokayi Saturday School Kori Arts Centre, Ligali, Mary Seacole Association, Nation of Islam, Nubian Jak, Somali Action Group, Somali Youth Leytonstone, South Bank Pan African Association, St Lucian Unity Association, Sudan Refugee Association, Tower Hamlets African-Caribbean Mental Health Group, Tropical Island, Tuggstar, West Indian Ex-Servicemens Association, Young Cameroonians, Young Igbo Association

Talks, presentations and debates have also looked at diverse topics such as:

How Black People Won World War 2, European Wealth=African Poverty, Economic Development and You, Refugees; What and Why, History of Somali, Sudan , Rwanda, Congo, Mary Seacole Campaign, How to Support your child through the education process, What were black people doing in World War 1?, 400 Years of African-British Civil Rights, African Women: Resistance Fighters, Ben Bousquet memorial day, What is Zouk?, Mario Van Peebles personal appearance, Professor Elizabeth Anionwu personal appearance, Understanding Racism, Career Planning, Big Pharma and experiments on Africans

Up comming ETF Events
Contact: etf@100bmol.org.uk


I thoroughly enjoyed you presentation on Saturday 12th March and would like to come along to future educational sessions. Additionally, could you please send details of how I can contribute monetary funds on a monthly basis to your organisation.Regards – Carla

Thank you for another solid afternoon of internal debate. A good combination of films for teenagers. Priceless! – Odiri

What a fantastic afternoon. You must repeat it? never in an afternoon have I absorbed so much information, education, and self-worth… every black women should have the opportunity to experience this. Keep Up the well needed work.  I’m spreading the word. Please, please let me know when the next showing if going to be for this production – Bella

I just wanted to say thank you for organising such an informative and educational event. It absolutely exceeded all my expectations and I plan to attend more 100 Black Men-led events in the near future. Here’s to even more successful events! Kind regards – Bea

I would just like to thank you for organising today’s event at The Museum of London. It was a deeply moving and eye-opening experience. I am active in campaigns against Modern day slavery in Africa and around the world, child development programmes in Brazil and many other international development causes. I am proud and inspired by the work you good men are doing and hope that you remained focussed and blessed in your cause. I’m fully behind you. Kind regards – Aderonke



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