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Quality Time



Saturday 14th June 2014

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This programme is specifically designed to tackle the misconception that men, in particular men of African and Caribbean descent do not enjoy a full and engaging relationship with their children.

Quality Time is actually a series of events, culminating in our annual Father s’ Day event, where Dads and their children attend a Theme Park, such as Chessingtons or Thorpe Park.

It is a wonderful sight and feeling to see several coaches filled with Black Men and Black children all just off to have fun.

We also encourage and promote engagement in children’s education with our annual “Take your Children to School” Day.

Quality Time is a programme designed to encourage men to take and spend ‘quality time’ with their children. 100 Black Men of London

This is an event for men (dads and step dads, granddads and guardians, brothers and uncles) and children. Men can take other people’s children and depending on our resources we are sometimes able to allocate our mentors to children, allowing their attendance when this might not otherwise be possible.

The annual Fun Day is usually held on the Saturday immediately before Father’s Day and has been attended by several hundred men and their children.

It is as much about black men bonding with each other as it is engaging with their own children, but it is fair to say that this programme in particular has acted as a direct catalyst to significant improvements in the relationships between many men and their children.


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