Training with the 100 – How to be a Great Leader

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Your Kingdom is under attack

You’ve been injured

Your army is demoralised

resources are depleted;

people are petrified.

…and you’ve only got 1 month to live.

What do you do ?

Join us for a FREE Training Introduction to the art of Leadership.

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      You’ll Learn:

  The 4 Key Elements that make an                Effective Leader.

 the approach to leadership of people       like Claudia Jones, Martin Luther             King,  Harriet Tubman, Marcus                 Garvey, Nelson Mandela, Shaka Zulu,     Oprah Winfrey, Toussaint Louverture    Barack Obama,  Tidjane Thiam,               Bernie Grant, Malcolm X, Kwame             Nkrumah .

                                                                    Steps to take to improve your                                                                                      Leadership skills.

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