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Kolarele Sonaike


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How long have you been a member of the 100 Black Men of London?

Since 2004


What is your role?

I’m the current President of the organisation, and a mentor on our Peer Mentoring Programme. I am also part of our Leadership Development Committee, which has created a really innovative leadership programme rooted in African principles and drawing on Black historical examples of leadership.

What is your profession?

Barrister (specialising in commercial and employment litigation) and Public Speaking Consultant (helping individuals and companies give great speeches and presentations).

Why did you join the 100 Black Men of London?

I joined just around the time I was 30 and mainly because I felt I was ready to give back to the community.

What benefits have you gained from being a member of the 100 Black Men of London?

It’s funny that although I joined out of a wish to give back, I have definitely ended up gaining and benefitting to a far greater extent. Before becoming a member of the 100, I had no experience in mentoring or leadership. Just by getting involved in our programmes and committees and interacting with other great and professionally minded Black men and women it has hugely enhanced a number of skills including leadership, mentoring, project management, team building. It has helped me as a father and husband, and I certainly would not have had the confidence and strategic understanding to start and develop my own consultancy without my experience of being a 100 member.

As a Black man, it has really been a pleasure being part of an organisation of Black men that is more about action than talk.


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